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Earn valuable rewards every time you shop at Metapoints are our new loyalty program where you shop, earn, save and spend. You earn Metapoints with everything you buy across our website. These Metapoints can then be used to pay for your next purchases. Start earning your SuperPoints today!


How much is a Metapoint worth

You will earn one Metapoint for every ten euros spent. One Metapoint is then worth 0,5 euro to spend on products across the website.

How do I spend Metapoints ?

Metapoints will be visible on the home, in your account on or in checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. It will be possible to pay for all, or part of any purchase using Metapoints.

When do my Metapoins become available for purchase?

Metapoints become active after a status order become updated to "complete". Prior to this date, SuperPoints can be seen as Pending or Provisional in your account. SuperPoints can only be used to make a payment when their status is Active.