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How to sell your cards

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Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh! Magic Force Of Will


Here are the rules to send your cards to

Through this section you can send the cards that you do not need and in return we will load up directly to your account on a personal-credit. This credit never expires and you can use it to pay for your future orders on the site. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have exactly the cards we need. You can see which are the cards that we need, simply by logging in and clicking on the icon of the trading card game up here. If a card you own is not listed in our section, it means that at this moment we do not need it. To view the credit that you can acquire for your cards, you can check their “value” in the special section. This value is definitive, untreatable and changes every day according to the laws of the market and our actual availability. The maximum number of copies of the same card that you can send is set at four (even if you have more copies, you can send to us only up to four). You can insert the cards you would like to send directly to the cart, which will appear to the right of the screen. After completing the list of cards you want to send, you will receive an automatic email with a summary of the process and the final instructions necessary to complete the operation. Once we receive the cards, our experts will verify the correctness of the content and, if the outcome of the check is positive, will immediate upload the credit earned to your account. Remember that we do only accept cards in perfect condition. Cards visibly damaged or played will not be accepted and will be returned with your next order, as well as those that possibly have characteristics other than those declared.


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